(And the party goes on!)

Festival International de Film de Nancy
Prisma Rome Independent Film Awards
Festival International du Cinéma Étudiant de Grenoble
Beirut Shorts
St. Francis College Women’s Film Festival
Maine Student Film Festival
Global Indie Film Fest
Festival du Film Libanais de France

Review of “And the party goes on!” – Short film by Michael Asmar

“And The Party Goes On!” is the second short film made by Michael Asmar. Despite his young age, he has proved to be capable to create a really fine and powerful movie, with a surprising maturity worthy of an expert author. The director has chosen a precise authorial path, composed of a delicate sensitivity, a simple…

“Naseem” wins Golden Prize at the Lebanese Festival of Cinema and Television

The first short film directed by Michael Asmar got its fourth prize following the two Best Directing Award at Steps International Film Festival and Festival International du Cinéma des Jeunes de Meknès and the second prize at OraUnion Film Festival. Naseem was produced in 2017 in Lebanon, and it is now available on vimeo.

“Alb Setti’ official music video is out

K7 first original song is now available on YouTube and Anghami. “Alb Setti” is written by Tony Chamoun, composed by Michael Asmar, arranged by Marwan Rahy and performed by Layal El-Ghossain. K7 – كاسيت (Cassette) is an independent Lebanese music creative team that produces its original content. Looking at music as a powerful storytelling medium,…

New selection for “Et la fête continue !”

“Et la fête continue !” (And the party goes on!) gets a new selection, for the second time in France, the country where the film was produced and shot. Festival du Film Libanais de France is a festival dedicated to Lebanese cinema and Lebanese international society. In its first edition, the event will take place…

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