Born in 1996 in Lebanon, Michael Asmar is currently pursuing his filmmaking career in Paris.

His love for the camera began back when he was around 8 years old when it was first introduced into a cell phone. He could have spent hours filming and taking photos of everything and everyone around him. At the age of 10, when his father bought a home video camera, he started making and filming simple stories that he used to create with his brother and friends, turning them into amateur short films.

At 19 years old, he was a main actor in two different plays between Jordan (Jarash International Festival) and Lebanon.

His first short film Naseem (2017), participated in many international film festivals and won him two times the Best Director award. He then directed and shot 17 short videos of a weekly segment showing on MTV Lebanon, a well-known TV channel in the Middle-East region. In March 2018, Asmar directed his first TV commercial for the Lebanese independent film festival.

Et la fĂȘte continue ! (And the party goes on) is his second short film which he shot in Nancy, France, in April 2019.