“Alb Setti’ official music video is out

K7 first original song is now available on YouTube and Anghami. “Alb Setti” is written by Tony Chamoun, composed by Michael Asmar, arranged by Marwan Rahy and performed by Layal El-Ghossain.

K7 – كاسيت (Cassette) is an independent Lebanese music creative team that produces its original content. Looking at music as a powerful storytelling medium, K7 is keen on sharing simple stories through their works. “At first, songwriting was no more than just a hobby, but we are currently offering our music to a wider audience.”

Founded by four audiovisual graduates, Michael Asmar, Marwan Rahy, Michel Mema and Mia El Hajal, K7 also brings attention to visuals that can accompany music for a more decent feeling.

Watch the full music video here:

Also available on Anghami: https://play.anghami.com/song/81391627

Author: Michael Asmar

Film Director

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